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Created in Barcelona in 1983 and directed since its foundation by Oriol Tintoré.

TMA ARCHITECTURE has been carrying out numerous building projects, renovations, adaptations and urban actions since that date.

Each building is a new challenge without special recipes. Each work, each client, each location, deserves unique answers that, from the analysis, lead to concretion, without apriorisms of models, images or stereotypes.

The formal show is not part of our language. The ARCHITECTURE, thus, with capital letters, must give lasting answers, transmit sensations, solve conflicts, communicate experiences, all this, for our team, in a way that allows silent, leisurely communication.

In this way, the architectural avant-garde should not be dogmatic but spontaneous, it should not follow currents but reinvent itself in each action, in each exercise.

That is why TMA wants to highlight, among its values, the impulse of creative freedom that unites the client with the architect, satisfies the user and relaxes the observer. The specific concerns of the architectural discipline must be combined with social realities. Modernity with local traditions. Abstraction with references. The forms with the feelings.

Oriol Tintoré Espuny

Oriol Tintoré Espuny
Director Architect

Diogo Ferreira
Architect in Brazil

Bruno Civettini

Agnès Ros

André Coelho

Miquel Pont
Technical architect

Blanca Tintoré
Technical architect

David Bonill

Maria Gregorio
Architecture student